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Thread Contributor: Soxs RuneLitePlus Setup Tutorial

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By using this website you agree not to share and/or circulate any runescape or runelite source code. All programming on this website is strictly for third-party runelite plugins. RuneLitePlus does not provide any runescape or runelite files, and therefor you must download these elsewhere. 

RuneLitePlus Setup Tutorial
-This is a tool for RuneLite which lets you add external plugins to RL. The plugins are added on runtime to RL with JDK debug tools and reflection.
This means that you do not have to recompile RuneLite to add the plugin (or deal with any source code at all).

1. Requirements: 2. Adding custom plugins to RuneLite:
  • Drop all your plugin files in "/config/plugins/" where RuneLitePlus is located.
  • That's all!
3. Instructions to attach to RuneLite:
  • Open the RuneLitePlus_xxxx.jar file provided in the tool (make sure you have JDK8).
  • Press "Start RL", and then click the "Attach to RL" button.
  • That's all!
4. Extras
I will try my best to keep this application as updated as possible, in any cases where RuneLite rework their client.
This program is totally free to use and took me some time to make, especially trying to make it as user friendly as possible. If you want to support me in continuing this project, then please consider making a donation Smile
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