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Botting safely with RLBot

How to bot safely with RLBot: 

  1. Aging your account. While not necessary, fresh accounts are always on the radar.

  2. Bot during your regular playing time. If you have historically played between 4pm and 8pm, do not start botting overnight.

  3. Never bot for longer than 1-2 hours at a time. An incredibly small population of the runescape player-base is able to consistently play for longer than an hour or two. Use the break-handler to ensure your bot will terminate after a set amount of time.

  4. Ensure that your combined botting and playing time never exceeds your usual overall playing time. If you normally only have 3 hours to play runescape in the evenings, then make sure the combined time spent on botting and playing doesn't exceed this amount.

  5. Create a good biometric profile. Ensure your profile has enough data to create enough variations. Go for at least 30 mouse movements for the splicing system, and at least 500 movements for the raw system.

  6. Never share your biometric profile. This is a pretty simple one. The only person you should ever send your bio-profile to is Soxs, in the unfortunate event of a ban, in order to find the cause.

  7. Personalise your scripts. While the biometric profiles play a huge role, those of you that are manually designing scripts should design them in a way that plays like you do, as this is going to be far more effective.

  8. Switch up your activities. Avoid creating distinguishable patterns over large periods of time by switching what you're training. Consider doing some minigames, clue scrolls, and even quests for example, in between activities as well.